The Lies Told To Agents About Leads

Agents must meet prospects and make presentations in order to get sales. Typically these presentations are the result of working leads. The quality of those leads should be of the utmost importance to any agent who wants to succeed in this business.

Sadly many agents are told lies about the leads they receive. This article is intended to expose some of the lies agents hear from lead sources;

1) These leads are exclusive – agents many times believe that they are the only one working a lead. Although this may be true some of the time, most leads are shared. You can have as many as 3-4 other agents calling on your leads. This is evidenced by the fact that when you call a lead you just got, chances are you are not the first agent to call them that day.

2) These leads are fresh – if you can call leads shortly after they have responded to the marketing inquiry you increase your chances of converting People tend to forget the longer it takes an agent to get back to them. Calling old leads many times is a waste of time.

3) We close _____% of these leads – the closing ratio can be highly subjective. I have purchased leads based on the stated ratios and not always seen the results promised. As an agent you feel like you are always doing something wrong when you don’t get appointments. Sometimes the calls you are making are not worth the effort.

4) We make no money on selling you these leads – a classic comment made by many Insurance companies. The question I would consider is this; if companies are producing leads for agents at cost, why are they so expensive? And how can they afford to have these huge prospecting generation operations if there is no money to be made in leads?

Remember there are companies out there who only make money from selling leads and they cost as much (sometimes less) than what an Insurance company offers to their agents. Lead generation is big business and companies offer these to agents because they know this is another stream of income to them.

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